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About Matthew 

Matthew was born in Langley, B.C. raised in Ontario, and returned back to Surrey, BC and has made this his home.
Since Mathew was 3 years old he has been privileged to see spirit. Yet, it wasn't until his late 20's that he began developing his abilities and exploring his own path into spirituality. As he grew, he became aware that he had to share his abilities with others.
Matthew holds certificates in Spiritual Development, Natural Laws, Mediumship and Healing.
He continues to develop these abilities here in British Columbia.
The way Matthew works is by giving evidential information to who is coming through. It may be one or many spirits that are trying to connect with you. His objective is to bring healing and guidance messages to you from your loved ones, spirit guides, and even pets.
Being clairvoyant (clear-seeing), and clairaudient (clear-hearing) are his strengths which creates a unique bond with spirit in return he is able to share publicly to enhance others connection with their own spiritual relationship.


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Services I Offer

As a psychic and  mediumship reader, I am honored  to share my mediumship and psychic abilities with all of you. I live my life in the here and now and where I enjoy helping other people and help  make a difference in their lives . With the readings I offer guidance and  I will show you ways you can move in the right direction so you can reach your full potential and reach your goals. I offer my clients a variety of services to allow them to reach the best version of themselves and see ones own capabilities, the guidance from the spirit world will help my clients heal and  I will bring fourth evidence of the after life . Take a look at the services below, and get in touch today.

Oracle card readings

In this simply joyful oracle card reading you will feel the loving intuitive guidance from the ascended masters, angels and even animals. These divine beings will bring forth healing, guidance and clarity to pressing questions you want answered about your life's path, relationships, your blocks and how to push forward with the goals you seek to accomplish.
Curious to learn more? Reach out and connect with me today and see how you can benefit from this amazing reading

Mediumship readings

This is my most popular service with clients coming to me from all around the world to schedule a  reading with me.
During this special session clients will be able to connect with their own spirit guides, pets, animal totems and their loved ones that have crossed to the other side. 
This is a 1 to 1 session.
In this reading there will be guidance, healing and soul touching experiences.
If your interested to learn more about this type of reading or about mediumship feel free to get in touch with me today and book yourself a reading

Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive readings delve into your most inner thoughts and feelings which help sort out current issues in your daily life.
This type of reading will help you look at changing ones life path, ones thought patterns for the highest good.
Don't leave it another second and get the answers  you've been seeking regarding your family, relationships, finances, career paths and goals, health and so much more. You have an inner strength to change anything regarding these situations. Get in touch with me to schedule your intuitive reading today!.


"The whole universe is change and life itself is but what you deem it"

Marcus Aurelius


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